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Related article: Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999 18:33:40 EDT From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 24"Adventures of Tray Lolita Nude and Jay 24"PART 24: JAY AND DYLAN IN ALBUQUERQUEI never went any place where I stayed at a hotel before, or even a MOtel, so getting to spend a couple nights at a real full-service joint, even if it was in bumfuck Albuquerque, was pretty wild. Especially since my roomie was Dylan! Yeah! Cool or what? The regular Rugby season's over, but we kicked such awesome butt we got to go to this big hoopla in Albuquerque with the best Rugby and soccer teams from all over the damn world.And I'm telling you, you never saw such hot dudes, and so many of them! All kinds. Black, white, brown, yellow. Every damn one of them prime teenage beef! Dylan and me were pumped. There were lean, mean jocks running all over the place, in the hotel and everywhere we went. Lolita Nude Constant boner time.Well, we had to take the field and annihilate the competition, of course, but that was part of the fun. The place where we played was called the Pit, for God's sake. First day there we pulled this insane Aussie team, and those boys were BIG! All over! They reminded me of Claymation, you know, the massive cheeks and biceps and torsos and thighs? You know. Monsters! God, I'd pay them to do me as a group.That was late afternoon, and they thought they had us licked before we even started. Their mistake! They were bigger, sure, but we're so fucking tough we scare ourselves! I think maybe the Aussies were TOO big. I mean, when they hit us, it hurt like hell. But we ran circles around their brawny asses, and we can hit hard, too.Do I need to say it? Okay, we trounced their gorgeous hairy Down Under asses! I'll never forget their cute little dazed and confused, muddy, hurt looks as we shook hands after the funeral. That was way cool.They hurt us bad, though, I have to admit. We just didn't let them see it. Most of us were so bruised and wasted all we wanted to do was limp back to the hotel and take a shower maybe and eat some time, and Dylan and me had other plans, you bet your ass! Only the order there's all wrong, okay. Dylan and me wanted to do it backward.So back at the hotel, way upstairs where we can see some hazy blue mountains off in the distance from our balcony � fuck yeah, balcony! � we tossed off our sexy, funky smelling, dirty and sweaty as hell uniforms, and I left my strap on because it made me so hot but Dylan got totally naked. Well, hell, I strolled out on the balcony in my jock and stretched good and heard Dylan crash on the bed. I reached in my pouch and scratched my damp pubes and yawned. The breeze felt so good.Then I turned on Dylan, bad things on my mind. Those Aussies got my juices flowing, alright. And when I get knocked around like that all I want to do is pass it on. Shit, Dylan could handle himself, and I felt like dishing it out. I jumped on that nice clean bed with my nasty spunky teenage body, and we just lay there in each other's arms kissing and shoving and grabbing, you know. Messing around.My strap kept my big cock in line, but Dylan went steely hard right off, and I saw it in his damn eyes, too. I mean, the harder Dylan's dick gets, the scarier his eyes go. He's so sweet and sensitive, until you go and turn him on too high, okay. There was a knock on the door right when I got real scared! I jumped up and Dylan made this pissed face and covered up with a sheet.Okay, I peeped through the little hole and saw some Spanish kid in a soccer uniform jumping all over the place, hyper as hell. Fuck, okay! I pulled the damn door open so fast he fell back to the opposite wall, and I saw he had a couple of buddies. Their eyes all went way wide on my hefty bulge down there with a wild patch of hair sprouting all over the place.Then the one I saw first, a tall, dark-eyed, buff 17-year-old Latin stud with smooth brown skin and perfect white teeth, went off in Spanish, with these real sexy hand moves and full Body English, okay, you know with his hips and shit, and if I didn't know better I'd have got the wrong idea.I smiled and shrugged. "No habla espanol."Man, they bust a gut then! All three of them bent over slapping their hot hairy legs. Then the other two joined in, talking to me in Spanish still like they thought I was joking because I said it in Spanish, I guess, I have no idea really. But I kind of dug their fast, foreign, excited young voices, you know, why not. I could listen to them a long time.Then I heard my name in the middle of it and stared closer at them and waved them quiet. They looked insulted."Jay?" I asked."Si! Jay!" they all went at the same time."What the fuck's up, Jay?" Dylan called all grumpy." Give me a sec!" And I grinned at those boys then! You should have seen their hot eyes sparkle! "Me Jay!""AHHHH! JAYYY!" said the big boy, and my strap stretched. He pointed at himself. "Mando!" Then the medium one, with long, jet black curls. "Julio!" And finally, the shortest fucker, who looked almost American. Almost. "Pedro!"So I did what any good host would do, I threw the door open and waved their tight South American asses in. I heard Dylan make a grunt of surprise, and the guests all jumped back and went "AAAIIIIIII!""Oh, shit! Sorry, buddies! Uh � Dylan!" And I pointed to him.Mando pointed at my pissed off lover boy and said, "Dil-lon?""Si!""AHHHHHH!" All of them again. They liked Dylan, I could tell. Pedro lost it, I guess, and had his hand down his shorts until I kind of stared, and Mando saw what was going down and made this animal sound in his throat and slapped Pedro on the head sort of rough, I thought."No problemo," I said, and they all cracked up again. Shit, was my accent that bad? I spoke better Spanish than they did English! Anyway, I walked over to the bed and pulled Dylan's covers before he knew what was happening, and he turned bright red all over and tried to cover himself, but he just can't, okay. He's too big!The three visitors gaped, and Pedro's hand slipped back in his shorts and squeezed so hard he winced! Damn, I can't help myself. I dropped to my knees in front of Pedro and pulled down his shorts and started sucking him through his funky strong manly strap! And he grabbed my head right off and moaned, and I heard the others gasp.I also heard them lose their uniforms fast and laugh as they headed for Dylan, who grunted in totally happy surprise, the cocksucker! In fact, that's what I heard next from the bed, so I turned Pedro and tugged his jock down and ate his sweaty, huge nuts while I watched Dylan laying back with Mando and Julio on either side of his eager face trying to feed him their big uncut cocks at the same time!Pedro's was flapping his washboard belly covered with short, bristly black hairs, so I licked it all the way up to his belly button and sighed in total lust! His wet throbbing cock head slid out of its skin all on its own before my startled eyes, and my tongue flicked over it and made Pedro twist and shout! He was very vocal, if foreign!Mando worked Dylan up on his knees and pushed his head down on Julio's long, bobbing cock, which choked Dylan, but he got the hang of it fast. Mando crouched down with his butt out to me, and I reached over and fingered his hairy crack as he went down on my lover's nasty post-match hole! Mando loved my hand right where it was!But it sent Pedro over fast, and he pulled his dick out of my mouth and jerked it a few times until it sprayed all over me and my face and over my head, and when I looked back Lolita Nude at Mando he had Pedro's spunk all over his dark brown ass and back! Now that was hot! I smiled at Pedro, who shook and twitched all droopy-eyed.I stood and pressed my boner up to Mando's hole, and he stopped sucking Dylan's butt to say something real stern and final sounding, shaking his head no, but I pushed him down on his stomach and straddled his ass and said, "Si!" and went to work loosening his hole up with my wet American mouth. Mando sounded real surprised, especially when I worked my fuck finger in and he winced but took it and figured out it was okay!Dylan waved Pedro over to him and pulled his confused head down to that big, white dripping dick of his and kept sucking Lolita Nude on Julio, who helped by bucking his narrow hips to shove that thick hard-on of his in and out of Dylan's stretched mouth and throat! I went for it and buried my cock up Mando's guts before he could see it coming, and the yelp he made was so fucking sexy!I went nuts and humped Mando so hard my balls slapped his and I drove his face down into Dylan's balls, and the combination of Pedro's mouth on his shaft and Mando's nose in his nuts made my lover spaz off like a crazy man! I watched Pedro take that load, and the horror at first turned fast to real surprise and then intense pleasure as he tasted that thick American boy cream! Mando panted into Dylan's crotch as I slammed it to him.I just couldn't come! Not that I wanted to, but it was weird. I kept fucking his tight Spanish cave and I saw Mando wince and bare his pretty teeth and sweat all over, and I shoved his head further down into Dylan's wet man sacks, and Julio arched back and shot his wad off in Dylan!When Julio settled down and pulled out, Pedro got real gentle and curled up next to Dylan and offered him his small, round mouth, and they got lost in the international language of old-fashioned necking! Julio looked around and felt left out and saw Dylan's boner waving there, so he took it in his hands and played with it like a kid."Yeah, Julio, play with my man's cock!" I groaned, and he looked at me with a smile on his face but no lights on. I got an idea and reached over to his butt and fingered his tight rim and pointed to Dylan's big tool, and poor Julio's eyes got big, but he thought it over and crawled on top of Dylan and remembered what I did with my spit.In a few seconds, thanks to Julio's misguided enthusiasm, he sat all the way down on Dylan's hard Rugby dick and screamed! Really screamed! That's what made me squirt! I just love the sound of a dude screaming all low and sexy and outraged! So I pumped it super fast in and out while my load of hot jiz sprayed into Mando, and I know he felt it because he gasped and jerked his meat under him, and I felt him clench down on me as he shot off on the white sheets!I pulled out and helped Mando to his feet, and he was shaky but grinnig, and then I took him in my arms and kissed him deep and wet and forced my tongue down his inexperienced mouth! But he wrapped his arms around me and crushed me in them until I gasped into his mouth, and he really laughed then and pushed me on my back on the other bed and crawled up between my legs.Mando knew what he was getting next! He knew how to fuck, alright, and he went to it. He spread my willing legs and used his spit to loosen me more and leaned into it and shoved it in harder even than I did him! Yeah! That's what I wanted! I gave him my sexiest, nastiest, sluttiest chuckle, and he went wild in me! Mando screwed my brains out! I swear, I never took a dick that fast and crazy up my shoot! He closed his eyes and took my ass.Dylan looked at me with his droopy eyes as Julio rode his happy cock, and my lover just grinned and sweated with his arms out so I saw his thick shiny wet armpits and grabbed Mando's rock hard butt cheeks to drive him still faster, and he opened his eyes in shock that I really wanted it harder but he had it in him, alright, and he delivered!Mando sprayed spit all over me and had to force himself not to fuck my ass off the bed as he slammed me and leaned into me to kiss me with his wild Spanish mouth, and when he wrapped his strong arms around me and shoved his long throbbing penis even further up my guts I knew he was close. Mando whimpered in my mouth and threw his head back in ecstasy when his cock erupted inside my hole and filled me with pulse after pulse of his spunk!My own dick shuddered under the blows to my prostate and spewed off between our two hot slick chests as I screamed, too! I couldn't believe it, I screamed! When I opened my eyes again I saw Dylan with his mouth open just grinning his ass off at me! The freaky faggot!Mando slid out and lay on top of me, and Dylan and the others lay in a happy heap on their bed until we caught our breaths, then Mando got up and started pulling on his uniform, so the others followed him."Gracias!" Mando nodded shyly to us, and they all smiled ear to ear then! They shrugged and nodded and left, and Dylan and me looked at each other and busted up good!"What the fuck just happened, dude?" Dylan asked me, and I shook my head and went over to him."Where were we?" I Lolita Nude asked, and he snorted a sexy laugh and took me in his big strong Rugby arms.Only, I was fast and got out of it and reversed his ass onto his stomach and had my hard- on up his shoot so fast he grunted in pain, so all I could do was fuck him fast to loosen him up! It worked! Pretty soon Dylan was shoving his butt up to me and reaching back to stroke my smooth white cheeks. I tried to do him like Mando did me, okay, but I don't know if it's possible!Dylan sure dug it, though, he almost lost his voice groaning all hoarse and dirty at me and laughing like a damn pervert every time I shoved it deeper in him. Dylan loves taking it up the butt just as much as he loved dishing it, even if he usually tops me. That's just because I dig it so fucking damn much!But that time I got off sticking it to my hot lover boy and putting my whole body into skewering his funky ass as hard as I could. I was dripping sweat all over his body, and when it hit his face he blinked and grinned and opened his mouth to taste me, and seeing his tongue licking my sweat into his thirsty mouth pushed me over.I ground my pubes into his wet rim and blasted him full of my young sperm as Dylan jacked his pole and shot off onto the headboard and wall behind him! It was awesome! When we collapsed into a heap that time we were covered with sweat, and I had to lick him all over and taste his sweet sexy stud body.I nearly passed out when I got to his dense dark dripping pits and got drunk off his scent and man taste! Nothing's better. Nothing.
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